Ma Cue très spéciale

Immortalize your unique event
with fine Champagnes.

Edit your own elegant and original labels.

A unique vintage for a unique moment! A name, an occasion, a date to celebrate and you are ready to create a very special vintage, a gift of choice. And especially to share the happiness of a moment of intense and light emotion like the champagne bubbles!

Bokeh Brut 750
Noir & Blanc Brut 750
Pola Brut 750
Bonheur Brut 750
Bébé Brut 750
Carreaux Brut 750
Pro Brut 750
Fabrique Brut 750

A unique personalized cuvee.

Choose the quality of Champagne appropriate to your event. Brut for the classics, Rosé for romanticism, the extraordinary Magnum for the largest and most unique celebrations. A few clicks, a few words, offered an intense and delicate moment like Champagne. Directly shipped from the Champagne region.

For the Champagne, the territory is situated in a village at the southern brim of the Champagne Appellation, which is a picturesque village that has retained its authenticity all while preserving its natural environment. The vines are planted on the “coteaux champenois” (the champenois hillside) and spread throughout the village in the clay and limestone mixed soil, a perfect combination that enables the Pinot Noir grape to reveal its taste. This red wine grape thrives perfectly under these conditions and makes the Champagne powerful but fresh and fruity at the same time.

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