Rosé Brut

This Champagne ROSE is only made from Pinot Noir giving a very fuity taste and an intense colour. However, to get a Champagne Rosé 7% of Coteaux Champenois (red wine made by us with our grapes) are added at the basis of white wine. This process provides a Rosé Champagne of a consistently high quality.


The ageing in cellars for two years gives a fresh and well-­‐balanced Champagne.


Intense colour-Light foam. On the nose this Champagne provides a very fresh and fruity bouquet, with a dominant of red fruit. In the mouth, the wine awakens our senses with an explosion of red fruit Elavors (strawberry, raspberry, gooseberry)

Food pairing

Perfect for the Aperitif, meat and sweet dishes.

Rosé Brut