Ma Cuvée

Preparation of the order for personalized Champagne labels

Quality of personalized labels

personalized label printing Champagne France

We take the greatest care to print your personalized Champagne label by trusting a local craftsman who lives in Champagne. The labels are checked one by one to ensure that they meet the quality standards and requirements of the Champagne brand and that no errors have been made.

Gluing the label

Regny Pidansat Champagne personalized

Once printed, they are entrusted in person to the winegrower, who alone is authorized to stick the label on the bottle of Champagne. The customization is now complete.

Packing and shipping of the personalized bottle

Personalized Champagne package - bottle protection

The winegrower will take care to pack your bottle or crate in a box provided for this purpose before sending it to the delivery address indicated when ordering.

Patience and emotion

Enjoy your Champagne with a personalized label

A few more days to wait, depending on the destination, and you can unpack the package and be delighted with your creation. Feel free to surprise your loved ones with these emotions and share them with us on Twitter, instagram, facebook.