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As an expert in personalised Champagne, my-cuvée is your partner not only in creating the right label for you, but the company also masters shipping to all countries around the world and, of course, to the French overseas departments and territories. These overseas departments and territories have specific shipping conditions. The winegrower, a privileged partner of ma-cuvée, is a specialist for this type of shipment.

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We regularly ship to the following destinations: - Guadeloupe - Martinique - French Guiana - Reunion Island - Mayotte - Saint Pierre and Miquelon - French Polynesia - New Caledonia

We accompany our clients for weddings, jubilees and more intimate celebrations. Custom bottles are perfect gifts for important events. The 1.5-litre Magnum format is particularly suitable for offering and surprising your loved ones. The personalized bottles of Champagne Rosé are ideal for the most romantic moments, Valentine's Day and weddings.

The delays to ship personalized Champagne in the French overseas departments and territories are longer and depend on the destination: from a minimum of 10 days for Guadeloupe, it can extend to a minimum of 20 days for French Polynesia. We advise you to take some margin on your order because the delivery times for these deliveries remain subject to many uncertainties. Ma-cuvée will do everything in its power to make your gift, your party a success and totally personalized!